1. Changing Your Outdoor Ambience With Exterior Lighting

    Have you given much thought to your exterior lighting situation lately? For many homeowners, the exterior lighting is nothing special. In fact, most homes have nothing more than a simple balcony or patio light outside of the back door. Are you looking to change up your outdoor lighting situation in …Read More

  2. 3 Reasons to Visit a Lighting Showroom

    The truth is, a lot of people don’t give a whole lot of thought about their interior and exterior home lighting. While there is an endless variety of incredible options that could dramatically change the mood and ambience of your home, it’s something that, for most people, is much lower on the p…Read More

  3. Take Advantage of Our Chaos!

    Take Advantage Of Our Chaos!   This is DAY 2 of our remodeling campaign at Lighting Concepts Showroom, and things are getting crazy around here!   We have fixtures EVERYWHERE, and we are willing to sell them at ridiculous discounts just to help us get everything straightened up!   Visit us today …Read More