Avoid steering your lighting design in the wrong direction and get expert home lighting tips!

Lighting concepts have moved past just general lighting and now, more than ever, homeowners have a myriad of stylish and functional options to craft a space with perfect lighting that illuminates aesthetics and function.

Because lighting design isn’t the first thing that comes to people’s minds it can be easy to miss the crucial elements and variety of lighting. At Lighting Concepts, we are your local Trussville lighting experts here to help you avoid lighting mistakes. Stop by our lighting warehouse for advice and follow along in today’s post to better identify any lighting mistakes you may be making.

Common Lighting Mistakes You May Have in Your Home

Is there a space in your home that just feel quite right — something is just off? Start by looking at the lighting and you might find a solution there!

Two sinks, one bathroom light.

This is a fairly common practice lighting experts see in bathrooms — there is only one light for two sinks. You can understand the issue clearly here, but when you go to turn on the light in the bathroom it is not always as apparent — until it is. Grooming spaces require additional light for shaving, putting on makeup, and general cleanup, so when there is only one light it can make these difficult. The general rule is to have one light per sink.

Use one general source of lighting.

General lighting is a great piece of lighting concepts, but it just can’t be the only source. Single-source lighting causes glare and is often too harsh and too bright because it is the only light in the room. Instead, add lighting layers to your room in accent and task lights for balance and a well-lit space.

All LEDs are universal.

Many people believe when they are making the switch to LEDs that every light fixture will accept any LED bulb, and this is just far from reality. A universal LED bulb doesn’t exist and each bulb has different dimming and watt capability just as in traditional light bulbs. Before investing in LEDs for your home, speak with a lighting consultant who can help guide you towards the right bulbs for all the fixtures in your home. 

Adding lighting design as an afterthought.

When you are designing or redesigning a space, there are many exciting and fun components over lighting design, but when you put lighting design at the forefront, you will be amazed at the difference it makes. In new construction, plan out your lighting concepts with your builder so you won’t have to make changes for junction boxes and wiring later. If you are doing a redesign, speak with a lighting consultant to assist in the best kind of lighting options available.  

It is easy to make lighting mistakes and not even realize until it is corrected and then, what a difference it makes! Avoid the above lighting mistakes in your next lighting design adventure and everything will be a little brighter!

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