If you’re like most homeowners, a kitchen remodel is at the top of your wish list. While you’re probably dreaming about new cherry cabinets, granite countertops, and slate tile floors for your kitchen, we’re guessing you haven’t thought much about the lighting fixtures. Fortunately, the Lighting Concepts Showroom has you covered. We have plenty of interior lights for Alabama residents that are perfect for kitchen spaces.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some types of lights that are becoming increasingly popular in the world of kitchen remodeling. Consider some of these lights, and enjoy a kitchen that’s beautiful and one of a kind!


Direct overhead lighting is essential for any kitchen space — it’s what helps you make precise cuts with your chef’s knife, measure the perfect amount of sugar for your cake batter, and handle a variety of other culinary and organizational tasks. That’s why pendants are a timeless and practical option for your kitchen; with light directly overhead, you’ll have excellent visibility in your kitchen at all hours of the day.

If you have any sort of kitchen island, pendants are a must-have. These ceiling-mounted lights will create a visual barrier that separates your working kitchen space from the rest of your kitchen, and the right pendants will be a stunning focal point that catches the eye when anyone walks into the room. Install pendants in quantities of three, five, or seven, and transform your kitchen for a reasonable price.


Kitchens are, by nature, a practical space — form will always follow function, even in the most beautiful kitchens. Lights are no exception to this rule, as lamps that take up counter space or hanging light fixtures that cramp headspace have no place in the hub of a culinary master. Fortunately, sconces and other wall-mounted lights add plenty of light to your kitchen without getting in the way.

Sconces come in about every shape, style, size, and finish imaginable, and they’re easily installed by your electrician or contractor. Place a couple of sconces on each side of your kitchen entrances, or use downward-facing sconces above your counters for more task lighting in your kitchen space. No matter which sconces you choose for your kitchen, you’ll love them for years to come!


Who says a chandelier has to be in the dining room? Chandeliers are becoming popular choices for bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms — so why not put one in your kitchen, too? For many families, the kitchen is the focal point of the home, and that means a chandelier is the perfect focal point of the kitchen!

You don’t need a dainty crystal chandelier, by any means — choose a large, modern chandelier with sharp edges, a chandelier with shades, or even just a mini chandelier to round out your kitchen space. The visual appeal of the chandelier will give your kitchen a fresh and unexpected look, and you’ll have plenty of light to easily perform all of your culinary tasks!

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When it comes to kitchen lighting, the options are limitless. The Lighting Concepts Showroom in Trussville has a vast selection of lights specifically designed for kitchens, but any light can be a kitchen light if it works for your space! Browse our online collections of pendants, chandeliers, and sconces, and stop by our showroom today.