Welcoming a new life into your home is a thrilling experience. From picking out the perfect curtains to shopping for the safest crib, you take every detail into account. When you are designing a nursery for your baby, make sure you don’t forget to include the perfect lighting. The right lights can add a warmth to the room and a practical touch for your baby’s first years.

Learn more about how you can prepare your nursery with the right lighting and stop by our showroom to be inspired by our interior lighting selection. As your Alabama interior lighting specialists, we look forward to helping you get your home ready for your new baby’s arrival.

Opt For Soft Lighting

If you are turning an old office space or unused bedroom into your baby’s nursery, the current lighting might not be quite right for a young child. Instead of using harsh, overhead fluorescent lighting, opt for soft and subtle light features.

Standing lamps scattered around the room can be the perfect choice for lighting as they won’t beat down into your baby’s eyes. You can also use small wall lights and sconces to add extra illumination without overdoing the brightness of the light.

Illuminate A Corner

Odds are good that in the first few months of your new baby’s life, there will be many nights of rocking your little one back to sleep. If you have a corner dedicated to a rocking chair or other comfy space for feeding time, add some soft lighting to that corner that can be independently controlled. This will prevent you from stumbling around in the dark but won’t require you to light up the whole room in the middle of the night. This soft effect can help soothe your child and return them back to their sleeping state.

Add Practical Lights To The Changing Table

Not only will you be getting up in the night to feed your newborn and put them back to sleep, you will also be handling many late night diaper changes. Instead of fumbling for the wet wipes in a dimly lit room, add some practical lights right above your changing table. You can use beautiful, modern track lights to illuminate this space without detracting from the style of the room. The right lights will make your late night diaper change a much smoother process.

Highlight Art And Decor

A baby’s nursery is a whimsical space with fun decor and artwork that reflects youthfulness and cheer. Highlight this playfulness with the right lights. Mount small lights above pieces of artwork that you want to draw attention to and utilize the right lighting design to draw your baby’s eyes across their new room.

If you are getting ready to welcome a new little one into your home, make sure you prepare their nursery with the right lighting. Here at Lighting Concepts, we are proud to provide Alabama with interior lighting options that are affordable and high-quality. Browse our extensive selection and find what you need to make your new baby’s room a calm and inviting space.