Setting up your home office is exciting! Not only do you get to create a space that will help you stay productive, but it is also a chance for you to let your personal style influence your workspace. Whether you’ve got a large office or you’ve dedicated a small section of another room to be your office away from the office, one of the most important factors in creating a great working space is having the right lighting.

In today’s blog, we will cover a few lighting tips and tricks that will help you transform any space into a dynamic office. When you’re looking for the widest selection of lighting fixtures in the Trussville area, come by the Lighting Concepts showroom! We carry lights that will match any personal style, and we offer them at outstanding prices. If you need help designing lighting for your home office, or any other room in your home, we would love to assist you. Our lighting experts are passionate about helping people create spaces that look and function the way you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to set up an consultation!

Layer Your Lights

Effective lighting is all about layering. We cover this topic in greater depth in another blog, but here is a quick version: rooms that contain a blend of ambient, task, and accent lighting are more usable than rooms with only one type of light. The ability to blend your lights depending on the time of day and what you’re trying to accomplish makes a room more suitable for more tasks. If you will use your office mostly for phone calls and some typing, you will need fewer options than you would if your office is used for shooting photos, drafting, typing, and returning calls.

Don’t Try to Recreate an Office Building

Office buildings almost always have terrible lighting. Fluorescent bulbs hanging directly overhead are not great on your eyes, and they’re not great for a lot of tasks. Let your home office be comfortable first because a comfortable office will allow you to be more effective. Keep your main working area away from your overhead fixtures. Indirect light will be easier on your eyes and, if you position your desk in the right place, it won’t create a glare on your screens. If your desk is a little dim or you need more light for certains tasks, add a lamp!

We also recommend trying to find a way to take advantage of as much natural light as possible. Not only is natural light free, many people say that they feel it is easier to work with the sun shining in on them. Make sure that you have a way to block the sun if it puts a glare on your screen at a certain time of the day.

We will revisit home office lighting in another blog, but we hope these tips were a good starting point for you. If you’re ready to light your home office but you need help finding light fixtures that fit your style, come on in to our lighting showroom today! Our lighting pros are always ready to assist you with designing or optimizing the light in any room of your home.

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