If you are thinking of adding lighting to your outdoor patio, we are here to help. As experts in exterior lighting in Trussville, the team at Lighting Concepts believes that illuminating your outdoor space can turn it into the perfect place for an evening of family and friends. With the right touch of light, a once neglected backdoor patio can become a favorite part of your home.

If you aren’t sure what you are looking for in the way of lighting, read on to learn more about the top ways you can use lighting on your outdoor patio. Feel free to stop by our extensive lighting showroom for additional inspiration.

Create A Warm Ambiance

Exterior lighting is so much more than just a way to illuminate your space. It is also part of creating ambiance and design. You can turn an unappealing patio into an oasis with the right lighting design.

Some of the most popular design features that homeowners like to add to their outdoor living space include the following:

  • Gas lanterns: Use these gorgeous style throwbacks to create an inviting look. With flickering gas lights, lanterns will turn any space into a warmly lit place for entertaining.
  • Posts or pier heads: These fun light features will add a distinctive flair to your outdoor space. Use them alongside a nautical theme or pair the right post to match your country style.
  • Wall fountains: Add a wall fountain with stunning lighting to add a beautiful touch to your patio. Not only will an illuminated fountain add a beautiful sight, it will also add a beautiful sound. Relax to the sounds of falling water on a warm summer night.

These are just a few of the ways you can use lighting to create a warm ambiance to your outdoor living space. Browse our extensive selection of exterior lighting to be inspired.

Add Functional Lighting Elements

Not only will you want to pick out some beautiful exterior lighting features to help the patio’s appearance, you will also want to choose elements that offer a practical functional value. Check out these ways you can implement functional lighting elements to your patio and outdoor living space.

  • Cooking area: Add lighting over your patio’s cooking area to ensure that you can keep on flipping burgers long past sunset. Opt for stronger lights in this space to allow for the best illumination, as the bright lights can be turned off when you are done cooking.
  • Steps: Implementing lighting on stairways and steps is an excellent way to improve the safety of your outdoor living space at night. Simple stairway lighting can go a long way in keeping your guests from tripping in the dark.
  • Ceiling fans: While not used for illuminating the space, a ceiling fan can help create a more comfortable environment on warm summer nights. Opt for a decorative ceiling fan to match your patio’s new style.

When it comes to creating a more usable outdoor living space, nothing beats upgraded lighting. If you are interested in exterior lighting for your home, browse our extensive selection of lighting options. From beautifully illuminated fountains to simple but elegant gas lanterns, we carry everything you need to turn your patio into a great place for summer entertainment.