There’s nothing better than a warm summer night in your backyard — but you’re not going to have any fun if you’re all sitting around in the dark. Exterior lighting from your Lighting Concepts showroom in Trussville can lighten the mood of your party and shed light on the true beauty of your backyard — check out some lighting options that are perfect for your yard this summer!

Entrance Lights

Entryway lights are an essential part of your outdoor lighting ensemble, whether they’re in the form of spotlights, wall-mount sconces, lanterns, or ceiling mounts. These lights guide people to the entrances of your home, provide security and visibility, and make your home look warm and welcoming.

Make sure the entrance lights you pick are durable, bright, and harmonious with the rest of your home’s design. If it fits these qualifications, then it’s a perfect choice for your entryway!

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights are essential for just about any exterior space. They offer beauty, functionality, and safety, and they’re super easy to install and maintain. Place your pathway lights every few feet along your pathway for excellent visibility, but don’t go overboard — one tiny pathway light can pack a real punch.

Choose an LED pathway light with a long lifespan, built-in surge protection, and a high rating for wet locations — this will ensure that your lights stand up to the extreme Alabama storms of the spring and summer.

Step Lights

Step lights are another great safety feature to have for indoor and outdoor stairwells on your property. Steps are dangerous enough in the broad daylight — it’s important to keep them lit when things get dark so you and your family members can navigate them safely.

There are plenty of styles, shapes, and finishes in the world of step lights. Pick a rustic bronze finish for an earthier look, opt for jet black or white for something modern, or choose rose gold or copper for something out of the ordinary. Whatever you decide, you’ll have beautiful lights that keep you safe every step of the way.

Overhead String Lights

We’ve covered ground-level lights. Now, it’s time to light up the sky. Overhead string lights are a great way to bring natural overhead lighting into your exterior space; they’re cost-effective, charming, and useful for entertaining your friends and family after the sun goes down.

Christmas lights just won’t do — choose string lights that are waterproof, surge protected, and heavy duty so you don’t have to replace fuses or entire sections of lights. LED string lights have bulbs that last a very long time, which means you’ll spend less time replacing them and more time enjoying them.

Accent Lights

Not all lights need to serve a distinct, practical purpose. Some lights just make your outdoor space look more visually appealing — accent lights, for example. These lights are strategically placed around your yard to accentuate points of interest like water features, outdoor structures like gazebos, sculptures, and beautiful plant life.

Much like pathway lights, accent lights should be small, durable, waterproof, and long-lasting. Choose accent lights that blend into your landscape and light your yard softly and elegantly. A few accent lights will do wonders for the look of your yard — ask the lighting professionals at Lighting Concepts about the best accent lights for your style and your budget!

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