The cooler weather continues to usher in with the leaves falling, and soon, we will have our first hard freeze — prepare your exterior lighting today.

As the days are getting shorter our homes require additional exterior lighting and a little extra TLC to prepare them for the colder weather that is upon us. Exterior lighting maintenance isn’t on every homeowner’s radar, but adjusting a couple lighting components before the cold sets in can make for fewer headaches later.

Your home’s exterior may have many lighting concepts including spotlights, wall mounts, landscape lighting, or utility lights, and at Lighting Concepts, we are here to help you get the most out of your outside lighting. Join us in today’s post as we provide tips for winterizing your exterior lighting.

5 Tips To Winterize Your Outside Lighting

A couple small changes before the winter can provide longevity to your exterior lighting design.

Take inventory of your exterior lighting.

Exterior lighting isn’t something we see firsthand as homeowners so it is easy to miss if a bulb is out in the far corner of the yard. Take a moment at night and turn on all of your outdoor lighting and inspect that all the bulbs are functioning. This is a great time to switch out any dead bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs for increased longevity and a bulb that performs better in colder temperatures.

Clean your lighting fixtures.

Now is a great time to wipe down and clear debris from fixtures, just make sure you turn off the light beforehand. Use a glass cleaner to wipe down outdoor fixtures and decorative sconces and use a shop vacuum to get all the dead bugs, cobwebs, dirt, and debris — but be aware of any wasp nests you might come across!

Inspect your landscape lighting.

After a season of mowing your lawn and playing outdoors, the changing of seasons offers the perfect opportunity to inspect all the landscaping lighting to make sure it wasn’t damaged or knocked down during the summer. Go through and reposition fixtures and replace any that were broken. 

Take extra care of your unique exterior lighting fixtures.

If you have an outdoor fan or chandelier you may want to consider removing any fragile parts such as glass, and storing it safely indoors during the fall and winter. If you remove any of bulbs be sure to turn off the power to the fixture and leave it off for the entire season. You can cover the fixture with plastic trash bags or for smaller fixtures, a pillowcase works well.

Adjust your lighting timers.

Since the sun is setting earlier, it is a good time to reset your timers to reflect the shifting sun — this way everyone stays safe with well-lit pathways and your home appears to be active.

There are small changes you can make to your outdoor lighting including checking the bulbs, cleaning your fixtures, inspecting the lighting, winterizing your special outdoor lighting features, and adjusting your lighting times to reflect the sun setting earlier.

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